Sunday, September 18, 2011


Well, today is the last day of Invisible Illness Awareness Week. I had planned two more special blogs, one for Saturday and one for today to conclude the week off right before continuing on. Unfortunately, I had something come out of left field on Friday and it greatly waylaid me. I still plan to eventually write those other two pieces and I will also continue to blog about this subject from time to time, but I am also looking forward to blogging about other things, too. 

So for now, I wanted to stop and thank the people in my life and the people who have responded to this blog from the bottom of my heart. I was really surprised at the response, to be honest. Apparently trying to make comments here on the blog itself is a bit tricky sometimes (darn those blogger software people hee hee!) but my email box was often full from people who really appreciated what I have decided to do here, and that made it all worth it. So thank you all, including my very loving family and friends, for sticking with me on this. 

Each day with an invisible illness can be a challenge, even when you have the good days. Being told we are "strong" is not always something we want to hear when we are feeling at our worst and still trying to do the best we can. So just know you are not alone. That your condition is unique. And it is ok to talk about it and be honest with people and most importantly, yourself. Because what you think is what matters most. Be good to yourself.

Wishing my spoonies extra hugs and spoons and love to my family, friends and online friends. See you real soon....

Mr. He recommends some extra rest right now......

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