Sunday, September 11, 2011


My Dad put this on Facebook and I wanted to share it real quick. Sjogren's is apparently one of the autoimmune conditions I have and can have a variety of symptoms. What struck me is when Venus said in the interview that she felt she could not get enough air? This was one of the first remarkable symptoms I had besides several months of a faint strange numbness and tingling throughout before things became full-blown with other conditions. I was kind of reminded of this because this weekend I have felt "airless" in my lungs which really enhances fatigue. I also like how she says "My normal may not be somebody else's normal." Needless to say I have been stopping to rest a lot this weekend! I wish her well. She has held out pretty good for a professional tennis player and I hope she will feel good enough to still enjoy it in the future. Lovely lady.

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